Leaders with the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce are going to North American International Auto Show in Detroit this weekend to see the unveiling of a new, smaller Volkswagen SUV and to make it known that they think it should be built in Chattanooga.

“Our purpose is to carry the Chattanooga flag and wave it real high so that everybody at Volkswagen knows that Chattanooga is very, very interested in that product and that we would love nothing more than to [have it] built here.”

Volkswagen leaders are expected to unveil a new SUV at the auto show.


But Volkswagen leaders have recently said that work at the Volkswagen site is no indication that another product will be made there soon.

And auto experts have said that speculation is common in the industry. There was also speculation that Audi might come to Chattanooga, but officials decided to put a new plant in Mexico, not the United States, according to Nooga.com archives.

But, last May, Volkswagen Chattanooga CEO Frank Fischer said he wants to see a midsized SUV made in Chattanooga, although he said he didn’t know what the chances are that it will happen.

At that time, Don Jackson, former president of VW manufacturing, also said the plant has the flexibility to expand.

Harr also said there is room for more production here and that the manufacture of another car would help draw in more auto suppliers. All of that would mean more jobs for the area, he said.

“Even if you just doubled by building another vehicle, the community would get tremendous benefit from that,” Harr said.

Volkswagen Chattanooga spokesman Scott Wilson said that representatives from his company are also going to Detroit and that they go every year.

“We take the opportunity to meet with journalists from America and around the world,” he said.

Updated @ 6.12 a.m. on 1/15/13 to remove the word “smaller,” as the story originally reported that this car would be.