First there was Facebook. Then came Twitter. And then Pinterest was invented to provide another avenue by which to obsessively follow

That’s right: is officially onPinterest.

Why should you keep up with the Nooga News on Pinterest? Glad you asked.


The ever-increasing inventory of boards chronicles Charlie Barley Behringer’s travels around Chattanooga. It memorializes the happenings of 2012’s Mainx24. It provides a glimpse into the minds of reporters and editors.

It tries to capture the essence of the Scenic City on film, and it highlights local products to love, among other lofty goals.

The Nooga News Pinterest will also remind you of stories you loved, clue you into Chattanooga news and keep your calendar current with upcoming events.

You might even discover other pinners around the Scenic City and beyond whom you want to follow, like Chattanooga Parks and Recreation, Chattanooga Whiskey, Garden & Gun and Taste of the South, as well as pins you want to snag for your own boards.

As they say, happy pinning!