LifeKraze leaders unveiled an updated version of their iPhone application and debuted their first Android app today.

Both are milestones that will change the user experience and allow LifeKraze leaders to focus on new features going forward.

LifeKraze is an online platform that facilitates active lifestyles and allows people to share accomplishments.


Users respond to the question “What have you done?” with 160-character posts, to which they can attach links, pictures and videos.

Each user has 200 Kraze Points each day that they can distribute to whichever posts they find most impressive.

As individuals collect points, they can compete with friends and redeem the points for discounts and products from nationally recognized brands.

Both the updated iPhone app and the Android app are native designs, which means they were each created specifically for the mobile device they will be used on. And that means a better user experience, LifeKraze leaders said.

“There will be small features that work a lot better than they did on our original version,”Michael Brooks, chief technology officer with LifeKraze, said. “If you’ve used [the LifeKraze app], you’ll be able to tell a huge difference, even as you load the app. You can really tell the difference when you have a native experience.”

The new iPhone app has a specialized LifeKraze photo filter, leaders also said.

About a year ago, when LifeKraze went mobile, they created an app that could work on either the iPhone or the Android. That allowed users to have mobile access while LifeKraze leaders worked on the native versions, which take longer to develop.

They’ve been working for about five months on the new developments, leaders said.

Now that they have both native applications complete, they will be able to take more user feedback and make tweaks for what their consumers want, Brooks said. Until now, it didn’t make sense to implement user suggestions because they would have to go back and redo it for the native versions.

“Going forward, we are going to have the opportunity to respond more quickly and roll things out more quickly for our members as they provide feedback,”Jonathan Yagel, LifeKraze director of communication and business development, said.

And now that the native mobile apps are done, leaders are going to revamp their website and hone in on subcategories that have naturally grown out of the larger LifeKraze community, Brooks said.

Leaders also said Tuesday thatDolvett Quince-trainer for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” who has joined LifeKraze-has started issuing challenges to users.

Anyone who posts a picture of themselves doing the challenge has the chance to win items, such as workout DVDs or T-shirts.

Through the partnership with Quince, LifeKraze leaders are also encouraging users to make the challenges their own and take ownership of their goals.

Yagel said their efforts tie in with New Year’s resolutions and can help users keep on track with their goals. And the holiday season brought increased LifeKraze usership, although leaders didn’t say Tuesday exactly how many users the social network has.

“We’ve been seeing steady growth,” Yagel said. “We had a strong push toward the end of the year with the holiday season.”