Ben Curtis as “Dell Dude,” circa 2000

Chattanooga native Ben Curtis, who played Steven in Dell’s popular “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” ad campaign, is the subject of some media buzz last week following anarticle and appearance on Bloomberg.

Curtis laid out his advice to help the ailing computer maker, which tech research firm Gartner reports came in third in worldwide sales behind HP and Lenovo in 2012.

It’s simple, Curtis said-bring back the Dell Dude.

“American loves a comeback, and nothing would be better for Dell than to bring back the face of their company,” Curtis told Friday. “Grown-up Dell could use a grown-up Dell Dude.”

Curtis is currently training to be a yoga teacher and is preparing for a role in an off-Broadway play called “Bite Your Tongue” at New York’s Theater for the New City.

In 2011, Curtis starred alongside Richard Chamberlain in “We Are the Hartmans,” an independent film about a small town bar owner who falls ill and the struggle of friends and bar regulars who fight to save the establishment. The film is now being distributed nationally through Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.