The campaign for Chattanooga mayoral candidate Andy Berke said Thursday that it expected to show more than $400,000 raised in the most recent fundraising period for candidates in the upcoming municipal elections.

The tally puts Berke light-years ahead of his opponents in the race, with more than $531,000 cash-on-hand.

Berke, a former state senator, was able to transfer more than $122,000 from his Senate account into the race for mayor. But that did not stop the candidate from pulling down his most recent six-month haul-from July 1 to Jan. 15-with donations from more than 900 contributors.


More than half of donors to Berke in the most recent fundraising period gave less than $100. The maximum donation for a mayoral campaign cycle is $1,400.

The Berke campaign also said it had received more than $40,000 from political action committees, but did not say which committees had donated to the campaign.

Stacy Richardson, campaign staffer for Berke, said the amount of contributions was reflective of a “truly diverse group of people” from across Chattanooga.

When Sen. Berke talks about moving our city forward in public safety, economic development and accountability in government, people from every party and every neighborhood respond,” Richardson said.

Berke faces Guy Satterfield and Chester Heathington Jr. in the March 5 election.

Satterfield, who has been actively campaigning, has completely self-funded his campaign. Satterfield told he had not accepted “a single penny” from any contributors and had spent approximately $1,700 of his own money on his candidacy.

“If you see a sign out there, I paid for it and put it in the ground,” Satterfield said. “This is a strictly one-man campaign. I’ve bought my own gas and paid for my own website. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years.”