During the last election cycle, Nooga.com provided a comprehensive, albeit traditional, voter guide for the Chattanooga area. Our guide’s reception highlighted our community’s need for a fresh, innovative way for citizens to participate in local elections.

We believe a new platform being unveiled today-called Keen Citizen-is the first step toward addressing this need.

Keen Citizen goes beyond a traditional voter guide, providing a new way to experience elections. It presents citizens with a creative way to support and interact with candidates and races.

The following description from creators Weston Wamp and Travis Truett sums up Keen Citizen best:


By allowing citizens to rank politicians through an action-based metric, we’ve brought a new level of accountability to campaigns. At the same time, we’ve empowered citizens with new, helpful candidate information and created a place to let their voices be heard.

What set this voter guide apart are the interactive elements. Here are a few.

Give ’em a Hand
Very similar to a Facebook “like,” clicking on the Give ’em a Hand feature provides positive feedback to a candidate on his or her bio. To keep things fair, you can only give one hand per day.

Town Square
For each race, there is an area called Town Square that displays articles from local news outlets for that particular race. You can also use the Give ’em a Hand on individual articles in Town Square.

Ovation Score
When you use the Give ’em a Hand feature, it affects a candidate’s Ovation Score. The score is what’s used to rank candidates in each race.

If you log into Keen Citizen with Facebook, you’ll be able to comment on articles that appear in the Town Square.

Nooga.com is proud to be the first media outlet to utilize Keen Citizen and can’t wait to see what it evolves into over time. We hope you enjoy the platform and invite you to leave comments and suggestions below.