Rep. Chuck Fleischmann comments on budget

Action on the House floor Tuesday included remarks by both Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and Rep. Scott DesJarlais, who maligned the recent passing of a federally mandated budget deadline for the Obama administration.

According to the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, the president is required to submit a budget proposal the first Monday in February. Yesterday marked President Barack Obama’s third consecutive miss of the legal deadline, the most of any president since the act’s passage, according to the House Budget Committee.

In brief remarks, Fleischmann compared the task of federal budgeting to efforts he made to start his Chattanooga law firm with his wife years ago.

“Mr. Speaker, the American people know what it’s like to work hard in tough times and live on a budget,” Fleischmann said. “When my wife and I started our small business, we made only $50 that first month. We worked hard and made sacrifices to live within our means. Families across this great nation are still doing that, and it’s embarrassing that the president and Senate Democrats refuse to put forth a plan.”


Rep. Scott DesJarlais comments on government spending

In addition to the president’s lack of proposal, the Senate has not passed a budget in more than 1,000 days. The group is required to pass a budget resolution on April 15 of each year.

DesJarlais lamented the time that had elapsed since the most recent budget approval.

“It’s been more than four years since the White House operated under a budget,” he said. “It’s not a coincidence that each of these four years has brought a trillion dollar deficit.”

Along with offering disapproval, both Fleischmann and DesJarlais stated their support for the Require a Plan Act, a recent piece of GOP legislation geared at requiring the president to state when he intends to balance a budget, along with submitting the financial plan.