In addition to Adairsville, the Krystal Cruiser has also served first responders in other disaster-stricken areas, such as the Gulf Coast in 2012 after a hurricane. (Photo: Contributed)

Krystal's mobile restaurant, the Krystal Cruiser, provided relief to first responders in Adairsville, Ga., last week after the series of tornadoes that swept through on Wednesday. 

Employees served more than 4,500 Krystals during their time in Adairsville. (Photo: Contributed)

The team sought permission from local government to set up and quickly went about serving Krystals, fries and bottled water to those involved with the cleanup efforts. 

The Krystal Cruiser was manned with local Krystal employees and was in place and ready to serve within 40 minutes after arriving. 

During the 26 hours the mobile restaurant was in operation, 4,608 Krystals, 900 orders of fries and 240 bottles of water were served. Additionally, 18 gallons of hot coffee were distributed. 

The Krystal Cruiser stayed until the power was back on and the main roads were cleared. 

Krystal has also sent the cruiser to other diaster-ridden areas, providing support to first responders on the Gulf Coast during last summer's hurricane cleanup. 

“The cruiser is often used for special events around the region,” Brian Blosser, vice president of development and construction, said in a prepared statement. “But we quickly learned that there’s another very important mission for the cruiser, and, whenever we can, our team will be in place to provide a hot meal to first responders who are caring for our customers.”

Krystal President and CEO Doug Pendergast said, “This is a great use of the Krystal Crave Cruiser and one that we are very honored to provide to our customers.  They’ve supported us for the last 80 years, and we are committed to supporting them in difficult times whenever we possibly can. We are grateful to be able to provide a hot meal to those who are doing so much to help with initial cleanup efforts.”