CEO and co-founder of SupplyHog Nathan Derrick pitchedhis already-successful business to investors inSilicon Valley Wednesday night in hopes of securing more capital.

Derrick employed some acting skills and his wife in his pitch, which was available to watch via live stream through 500Startups.

He took the stage and described his company-it’s an online store where contractors can get all the building supplies they need for a job, he said.

And just then-a “boo” from the audience.


Derrick seemed genuinely shocked to be interrupted. But it soon became clear it was part of his pitch.

He walked out into the audience and talked to the heckler, who was actually his wife, and asked her what the problem was.

She complained about a contractor, givingDerrick a segue to explain the challenges that contractors have in driving around to different supply locations, trying to gather the needed materials for a job.

And he said that his website cuts all that out and can make customers happy, as well as change the lives of contractors.

500Startups, which is aseed fund and startup accelerator, recentlyannouncedit would invest in the company.

Now, half of the SupplyHog team is inSilicon Valley, working with leaders of 500Startups. The SupplyHog team has access to theaccelerator’s mentors, and they are pitching in three different cities in hopes of getting more investors.

In his pitch Wednesday night, Derrick said his company has already generated $130,000 in revenue and that there is a waiting list of people who want to access the site.

He also said that 100 percent of customers who try the site turn into repeat customers.

“The opportunity is massive,” he said. “We can become the largest tech company of all time.”