This Valentine’s Day, Cupid might be trading his bow and arrow for a baseball and a catcher’s mitt.

For the fourth year, the Chattanooga Lookouts is offering Scenic City sweethearts the opportunity to factor the ballpark into their romantic plans with Looiegram deliveries.

If you participate

When: Deliveries are made between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Feb. 14

Where: Locations should be within a 10-mile radius of AT&T Field

How much: $30 to $35

How to order: Download the form to email or fax Riggs on the Chattanooga Lookouts website

Mascot couple Loouise and Looie the Lookout will be making the rounds on Thursday, Feb. 14, delivering one of three Lookouts ticket and merchandise packages.

Suzanne Riggs, sales associate with the Minor League affiliate of the L.A. Dodgers, explained that the Chattanooga team started the program as a way to remind fans that baseball season was actually only a handful of months away.

Opening day is slated for Thursday, April 4, when the Lookouts play the Huntsville Stars at AT&T Field.

Several other Minor League Baseball teams have their own Valentine’s Day programs. In Salt Lake City, Utah, Bumble for the Salt Lake Bees delivers flowers and chocolate. Conrad and Candy the Crawdad couple of the Hickory Crawdads from Hickory, N.C., come bearing gifts of Cracker Jack and a rose.

In previous years, Looie has made stops at offices, schools and even a few residences on special requests.

“People are usually embarrassed, surprised and flattered,” Riggs said. “We’ve seen all kinds of different emotions. It’s always all across the charts.”

Loouise and Looie, unfortunately, do not sing, but the packages all include two lower-box seat coupons and either a baseball cap, T-shirt or foam finger, and bat keychain or bat pen.

As of Thursday afternoon, several Looiegrams were still available, but with a limit of 30 to 35, the smart suitor won’t wait on deck much longer.