Micah Massey, a Lee University graduate, and Chris Garmon, president of local music company Regenerate, won a Grammy Sunday.

“[He] was the very first artist we started developing,”Garmon said of Massey last month in an interview with Nooga.com.

Massey and Regenerate won together, Garmon said Monday morning, because the company is also the song’s publisher.


So Massey and Garmon co-own the song.

They won Best Contemporary Christian Song for “Your Presence Is Heaven.”

“It couldn’t happen to a better person,” Garmon said of Massey last month about the nomination.

The win wasn’t a part of Sunday’s television broadcast, but it streamed live online. Garmon said he didn’t realize awards presentations were happening online until someone tweeted him, congratulating him on the win.

He wrote back and told the person it was only a nomination. That person tweeted back and informed Garmon that he had just won, Garmon said Monday morning.

Massey, who co-wrote the winning song, tied with a group called 10,000 Reasons for their song, “Bless the Lord,” according to the Grammyswebsite.

Garmon said Monday morning that the win brings a new level oflegitimacy to the company.

“That’s a title that always sticks,” he said. “So we are super honored and humbled.”

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