Incomprehensible lyrics? Check. A pulsating beat? Check. An excuse for crazy, costumed antics? Check.

The “Harlem Shake” may have been born in New York City, circled the globe to almost every college campus and countless offices, reached more than 12,000 YouTube video versions and even lost its indy-viral cred at the hands of “The Today Show’s” contribution

But, today, the dance meme was resurrected in Chattanooga. 

Third-party logistics company Access America raided the third floor of Warehouse Row’s North Building, climbed atop the courtyard’s horse statue and blasted electronic musician and producer Baauer’s calling card beat.

Here are the fast facts:

-The “Harlem Shake” is a staged dance mob that starts with a lone dancer whipping his or her hair back and forth in a room of apathetic bystanders and then cuts 30 seconds later to a shot of the same dancer joined by the now-involved bystanders, all dancing to the song. 

Baauer dropped the track “Harlem Shake” in May 2012.

-Vlogger Filthy Frank posted the first video on Feb. 2.

-Another vlogger, TheSunnyCoastSkate, introduced the formula of a single dancer with a cut to the mob dancing on the same day.

-Between Feb. 6 and Feb. 10, the number of “Harlem Shake” videos posted to YouTube rose from roughly 250 to 4,000, as tracked by the website.

-The trends for this make-your-own-dance-move phenomenon include swim teams and U.S. service academies, with popular appearances by “Star Wars” stormtroopers, Power Rangers, tennis rackets and general shirtlessness. 

Thanks to the film crew at Fancy Rhino, Access America’s “Harlem Shake” is the official Chattanooga Valentine’s Day present.

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