Wondering what to do tonight? No need to check your planner-we’ve got your daily post on what’s happening around town.

A gold-plated hammer on stage
Wednesday night at The Honest Pint has been quietly picking up steam for some time as a music night in the Scenic City. On the bill tonight is Tenn Pound Hammer, Gold Plated Gold and Brandon Curtis, each with a different take on rock ‘n’ roll, be it dirty blues, loud and gritty, or of the singer/songwriter variety. Plus, all three acts incorporate a Christian message in some manner into their music, and for a Wednesday night, this might be a more interesting but still meaningful option.

When: 9 p.m.
Where: 35 Patten Parkway
How much: $5


For a quarter off …
Sushi Nabe has been rolling out some of the best sushi in Chattanooga since 1990. Whether dinner consists of a bento box, a shrimp teriyaki dish, or the sushi or sashimi deluxe, the meal, complemented nicely with the view of Coolidge Park and the Tennessee River, makes for a lovely evening out. What a surprise, then, to find that for one blissful hour Tuesday through Thursday and two hours on Saturday and Sunday, everything on that menu is 25 percent off. Yes, 25 percent off.

When: 5-6 p.m.
Where: 110 River St.
How much: 25 percent off all food