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Florinewill teach a yoga class at North Shore Yoga and speak at Pint Night.

What:Core and stretch class at North Shore Yoga

When: 4 p.m.

How much:$8 suggested donation to Wild Trails, earmarked for the Southeastern Climbers Coalition to acquire Hospital Boulders, Ala.

Where: North Shore Yoga,313 Manufacturers Road


What:Pint Night at Rock/Creek with Outdoor Research, 2 North Shore

When: 7 p.m.

How much: Suggested $5 donation

Where: Rock/Creek, 2 North Shore,301 Manufacturers Road


*No formal RSVP is required.

World record-climbing holder Hans Florinewill be in Chattanooga Thursday evening at Pint Night at Rock/Creek at 2 North Shore.

“Last night, I heard a good deal about how, in the last decade, the outdoor community has just blossomed,” Florine said Thursday morning.

Florine has been climbing for 30 years. He started when someone in his dorm atCal Polyasked him to go climbing.

Soon, he would be skipping track and field practice to climb.

He would be climbing above the valley his college sat in and looking down on the practice he was missing, he said.

WhenFlorine started climbing, there weren’t climbing gyms or competitions. But the competitor in him felt compelled to excel at the sport.

So, in 1990, he set out to climb the country’s largest rock, El Capitan, located in California. He set his first world record with 8:06 hours, and in the past 23 years, he has repeatedly set and broken records.

He holds numerous speed records inYosemite National Park and other places around the world.

In June 2012,Florine and Alex Honnold (whomFlorine said is known for his numerous appearances on “60 Minutes”)set the speed ascent record at The Nose, one of the climbing routes up El Capitan,in 2:23:46, covering 2,900 vertical feet.

Mark McKnight, Rock/Creek marketing director, said Rock/Creek leaders are excited to haveFlorine in town.

Rock/Creek vendor Outdoor Research is sponsoringFlorine’s trip.

Attendees of tonight’s event will get pints for a suggested donation of $5 to benefit trail seriesWild Trails. The funds areearmarked for the Southeastern Climbers Coalition to acquire Hospital Boulders, Ala.

“We’re hopeful that Wild Trails supporters can have a good time and raise a few hundred dollars to help with the Hospital Boulders acquisition,” McKnight said.