Founders of Rocket Link Mobile-a business whose founders have created an app that essentially pays people to text-have launched a crowdsourcing campaign with IndieGoGo.

Founders Zach Goldstein and his business partner, Ken Willes, developed the idea for the app, which is called VorText.

Itattaches a short advertisement at the end of each text, and those who use the application earn 2 cents for every message they send, according to archives.


Last July, the duo launchedthe beta version of the app for the Android platform. Now, they are working to raise money through crowdfunding site IndieGoGo for the iPhone version of VorText.

“We chose to build the first version of VorText for Android, but we know a lot of people are anxious to get it for their iPhone as well, and we can’t wait to begin working on it,” Goldstein said via email.

The duo is attempting to raise $10,000 through the campaign to cover the development costs of building VorText for iOS.

The Rocket Link team is offering advertising discounts to Chattanooga business owners whocontribute to the campaign.