Chattanooga’s Terrell Robinson is back to his old ways this spring, and he hasn’t encountered much idle time thus far. Through the team’s first two practices, Robinson has been taking reps at both quarterback and wide receiver, just as he did last season. 

It’s a lot for the 6-3, 197-pounder.

“At times, you know it’s hard, but at the end of the day I look at the good side, learning each position,” Robinson said. “Most players don’t get to play two positions, so it’s kind of an honor for me. It shows what kind of trust the coaches have in me.”

It’s necessary, too. 

“The tough one is for Terrell because he’s got to do a lot of things, and he knows that,” UTC head coach Russ Huesman said. “He’s got to be a quarterback, but also he’s got to be a great wide out. He’s got to do a lot of things, and sometimes it’s hard to get him enough work at one or the other.”

It’s not totally new to him, either. 

“After playing both positions last year I’m just trying to perfect each position,” Robinson said. “As a quarterback you’ve got to learn all the plays anyway, so that’s a big plus.

“The only thing I can say that’s different is (Jacob Huesman) is the No. 1 quarterback and I’m No. 2. Last spring I was No. 1 and he was No. 2. It’s not really anything different. We’re both out running the offense, and we want each team-the ones and the twos-to be able to move the ball and not lose a beat.”

Robinson spent most of his time at wide receiver during the final stretch of the 2012 season, racking up a team-leading 40 catches for 489 yards and five touchdowns. And while he quickly became the Mocs’ most dangerous pass-catching threat out wide, he never completely quit being a quarterback. 

Throughout the week, Robinson would spend most of his time preparing for the upcoming opponent as if he were the team’s starting quarterback. On game day, though, he was with the wide receivers. 

He wasn’t a QB, and he wasn’t quite a WR. He was a U.

“The U stands for unusual, because he’s an unusual player,” former offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield said. 

The squad’s new offensive coordinator, Jeff Durden, might not use the same snappy acronym for Robinson’s spot, but he’s doing the same thing this spring. 

“When he’s not playing receiver, he needs to be playing quarterback,” said Durden. “That’s how I’ve been teaching it, and Terrell is a student of the game. He brings his notebook every day, and I think what’s going to happen with him is he’s a rep guy. It’s my job to get him enough reps at the receiver position to not just be an athlete out there. I really want him to develop into a quality receiver.”

Michael Murphy covers UTC athletics for Follow him on Twitter @MichaelNooga.