The first three faces of Chattanooga Mayor-elect Andy Berke’s administration were revealed Wednesday, suggesting a newer-and perhaps younger-team to oversee his new city office.

Berke announced Travis McDonough as chief of staff, Andrew Kean as chief operating officer and Stacy Richardson as senior adviser to the mayor and chief policy officer. Both Kean’s and Richardson’s positions are new to Chattanooga.

Speaking to a crowd of nearly 100 gathered at the Development Resource Center, Berke introduced his appointees and described a “tremendous energy” behind his transition into the mayor’s office.


“People are hungry for the kind of leadership that’s going to drive us forward to tackle the issues on economic development, on youth development and on public safety,” Berke said in brief remarks. “These three people are going to help us go new and wonderful places, and there’s more to come.”

McDonough, who was recently tapped to head Berke’s transition team, is chairman of the litigation department at Miller & Martin. McDonough has worked at the firm since 1997 and is a board member of the Engel Foundation and the United States Global Leadership Council.

Kean is vice chairman of Rock City Inc. Previously, he led the company as president and chief operating officer and graduated from the University of Virginia in 2002. Kean’s position is tasked with “oversight of the day-to-day operations of city government” to ensure that “city services are delivered efficiently and effectively,” according to a news release distributed by Berke’s office.

Richardson, a 2010 graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, worked as manager for Berke’s mayoral campaign last year. Prior to the campaign, she was a research fellow at the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies.

Because Berke’s appointments are for administrative positions and not department heads, they will not be subject to approval by the City Council. Berke later said that salary levels for the positions had not been set yet and that more announcements regarding administration staff would be made in the coming weeks and months.

“I expect that we will work with personnel and budgeting to set an appropriate salary for those positions,” he said. “We are looking at all of city government to make sure that dollars are spent effectively and efficiently. In the long run, I think you’ll see the changes I’m making will save taxpayer dollars.”