After about 50 years in the same Highway 58 location, Solutions Pharmacy-which does business all across the country-is expanding and moving to a new location in Ooltewah.

“It was a good time to move because we had just outgrown our space and had so many new employees,” spokeswoman for the pharmacy Melissa Nanney said. “And we wanted a state-of-the-art facility.”

The pharmacy currently has 29 employees and six pharmacistsand has added workers in the past decade as business has picked up, Nanney said.


Solutions Pharmacy isn’t like a Walgreens. The company works with physicians and patients to provide individualized medications.

Pharmacists there can compound medications that are no longer available or are difficult to find; and they specialize in bio-identical hormones, pain management formulations,veterinarian compounds and anti-aging combinations.

“We make all our medications on-site,” Nanney said. “There are some things that have to be tailored to a specific dose, and most manufactured products are in certain sizes. We are able to accommodate special requests and special needs.”

The owners,Josh Talley, Jeri Evans and Tom Beard, bought the land in 2010 and started building in 2012. They will host a grand opening on May 7 at 11 a.m. at the new location, 5517 Little Debbie Parkway.

And Nanney said the Ooltewah area was a good place to expand because it has been growing in recent years with the addition of Volkswagen and other businesses.

Cambridge Squareis another Ooltewah development that is drawing businesses, such as Southern Burger Company and Lupi’s, to the area.

“It seemed like a good spot to have a new place where everything is up-and-coming, and it’s a popular area,” Nanney said.