Sen. Bob Corker discusses Afghan payouts on CNN

Appearing on CNN Friday, Sen. Bob Corker continued to push for a public explanation regarding secret suitcases full of cash paid out by the U.S. to Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Corker, who is ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, offered comments to Wolf Blitzer. In recent weeks, the senator and former Chattanooga mayor has writtenPresident Barack Obama’s administration twice on the issue.

He said he expected to receive a response from the White House soon.

“They are developing something and are going to send it back,” Corker said.

The senator continued to rail against the cash assistance to Karzai, whose administration he said has had “tremendous issues with corruption.”

“The fact we’re taking suitcases full of cash and giving it to this democratically elected leader and possibly to relatives in other parts of the country-to me, that is totally the antithesis of what this country represents,” he said.