City Council members Chris Anderson, Carol Berz and Moses Freeman. (Photo: Staff)

With no discussion, Chattanooga City Council members unanimously granted Mayor Andy Berke an extra three months to submit his first city budget.

The budget, which is typically approved by the group at the end of June, will now be presented to the council in late July for approval in late August. The city will operate on a temporary budget in the interim. 

Last week, members of Berke's administration informed council members of the request, citing sweeping changes made to the organization and structure of city government that have occurred during the mayor's first month in office. In that time, Berke has eliminated four departments and created three new ones. 

The city's temporary budget will not exceed 1/12th of the budget allotted for the current fiscal year and will reflect the reorganization of departments. The mayor's office has estimated the total three-month interim budget will be approximately $17.4 million.