“Big gas savings”

After letting consumers know they can “ship their pants,” Kmart is now using another play on words to tell customers they can get “big gas savings.”

A new commercial from Kmart advertises that if customers spend $50 on store merchandise, they get 30 cents off per gallon on their gas purchase. That’s “big gas savings.”

It’s unclear if the advertising effort can turn profits around for Kmart, but the commercials are drawing attention.

CNBC’s Jane Wells reported that Kmart’s parent company, Sears Holdings, netted a nearly billion dollar loss last year.

And according to a Sears Holdings news release, the company had a net loss of$279 million in the first quarter of 2013.

But online business on Sears.com and Kmart.com grew 20 percent over the prior year’s first quarter, according to the news release.

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