I picked up this rustic chest at The Insyde Outsyde Shop a couple years ago. The chest was a great price with a fantastically odd shape; weathered boards; and wonderful, old, rusty hardware. And all that storage. Sold. A hoarder needs her storage space.

I knew I wanted to lighten it up a bit but still keep all of those wonderful details in the wood. At first, I thought I would be able to do this with just one quick coat of paint. An easy flip. I pulled out a light gray-blue color, the same shade as my master bedroom, and started doing a light brushing of the paint over the chest. It was way too light.


Plan B: I pulled out a darker blue color from the never-ending box of paint samples. I mixed some of the darker blue with the original color and brushed it on. Result: Still too light.

I really wanted some darker hues of blue in there. I needed depth and the blue would coordinate well in the room it would reside in.

Plan C: I went back to the box of 500 paint samples in my garage and pulled out an even darker shade of blue. Once more, I added it to the paint and brushed it on the chest. Result: Still too light.

Before I threw all the paint against the wall and gave up, I had one last thought. I poured the mixed-up paint lightly over the chest and blended it in roughly with a paintbrush. Wherever it was too light, I added some of the dark blue and blended. There was really no method to the madness. I just added and blended until it looked good.

End result: A perfectly worn and weathered chest with colorful depth.

The moral of this story: No project ever goes exactly as planned, and when it doesn’t, just pour some paint on it. And more. Then blend.

The chest currently sits in our guest bedroom and serves as extra storage and a nightstand. Need more furniture makeover fixes? Head over here.

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