On a typical day, Mayor Andy Berke eats lunch at his desk or in a meeting.

On Tuesday, he sat down to a burger at Armando’s Restaurant on Lee Highway, along with 50 constituents, supporters and patrons of the restaurant. It was the mayor’s first Burgers with Berke event, a new initiative in which he intends to meet with citizens in different burger joints in districts across the city once a month.

Several members of Berke’s administration attended the event, working tables and gathering input on various issues.


Staffers said concerns shared included business issues, public safety and sign ordinances, adding their intentions to provide a response to the feedback promptly.

Berke offered brief remarks at the event, which was similar in style to coffees and lunches he held around the city during his campaign. The mayor said it was important for him to be accessible to constituents and for people to feel like they could approach him with their concerns.