President Barack Obama spoke to about 2,000 people Tuesday at the local Amazon fulfillment center. 

He laid out a five-point economic plan, and after he spoke, he took time to shake hands and speak to a few locals. 

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Thousands of people attended Tuesday's presidential event. Everyone had to wait outside to be let in at about 11 a.m. (Photo: Billy Weeks)
Obama hugs Amazon employee Lydia Flanders after she introduced him to the crowd. (Photo: Billy Weeks)
Before Obama came to the stage, the crowd chanted, "Obama! Obama!" (Photo: Billy Weeks)

Obama received a warm welcome from employees at Amazon, and he took time to shake hands with some in the audience. (Photo: Billy Weeks)
The president said the economy has rebounded during his presidency and said some Republicans in Washington haven't been cooperative. (Photo: Billy Weeks)
The president's tone ranged from serious and strong to light and funny as he spoke. (Photo: Billy Weeks)
Obama made jokes during his speech, and most in attendance wanted to capture the moment of having the president at their business. (Photo: Billy Weeks)
Obama laid out his plans to boost the economy. He got cheers from the crowd when he mentioned topics such as minimum wage. (Photo: Billy Weeks)
Obama did a short tour of the Amazon facility and spoke for about 30 minutes. He chatted with a few local people in attendance, shook hands and then left. (Photo: Billy Weeks)