Local businesspeople sprang to action following Friday’s layoff of 300 employees at seven affiliated companies connected tolocal businessman Carey Brown’s payday lending operations.

Account Pros Inc., AREA203 Digital, Cloudswell, Credit Payment Services Inc., Credit Protection Depot, Eclipse in Action and SupportSeven are the seven companies impacted by the layoffs.

The companies cover industries including IT, marketing, financial services and customer service support.

Open house at Modis
As ofFridayafternoon, some laid-off employees had already found jobs elsewhere, but some members of the business community wanted to organize networking events to help others impacted.


On Monday, IT staffing and recruiting businessModiswill host an all-day open house event at 633 Chestnut St., Suite 1350, forCloudswell employees.

For more information on the event, contact Jasmine Conn at 763-4082 or [email protected].

Social Pour mixer
Chattanooga’s Social Media Club and Social Media Alliance are also collaborating to help laid-off employees.

On Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., the organizations are hosting amonthly Social Pour mixer.

The mixer had already been planned as an after-party for the River City Company’s cash mob. The goal was to bring additional revenue to the cash mob location and bring local professionals together to celebrate local business.

Leadersrepurposed Social Pour as a job hunting mixerfor IT professionals, designers, customer service programmers, marketers, copywriters and anyoneelse displaced by the Carey Brown layoffs.

The location of the cash mob and Social Pour mixer will be announced by River City Company just prior to the event.

Merger of social media organizations
At the Social Pour event, Jon Moss, president of the Social Media Club of Chattanooga, and Meghan O’Dea, president of the Social Media Alliance,plan to announce the merger of the two groups. The combined group will continue underthe Social Media Club of Chattanooga brand. The goal of the merger is to offer more effective programing for social media professionals in the Chattanooga area, rather than dividing their efforts across two organizations.