We have a ritual in our household of eating a huge breakfast on Saturday mornings. But neither Lauren or I keep “breakfast food” around the house. Instead, we like to venture out on the town in the early morning hours while the rest of the city shakes off that hangover. Our many Date Night Dining adventures have taken us to some amazing restaurants around town, but our focus here is our favorite breakfasts to eat downtown. We never get to highlight the most important meal of the day, and Chattanooga has a ton of delicious breakfast options. Here are our favorite breakfasts in town. What are yours?

Milk & Honey-Farmer’s Biscuit
Milk & Honey easily wins the “best gelato” award, but if you haven’t tried some of the breakfast items you’re definitely missing out. They offer a number of huge biscuits with my favorite being the giant “Farmer’s Biscuit” which highlights almost everything great about farm food. I love arriving early on Saturday because you get to see the local farmers actually delivering the eggs and other produce to the front door. This biscuit has homemade sausage, fresh bacon and a perfectly cooked local egg-not scrambled, but over hard. Who likes a runny egg on a biscuit, anyway? The homerun element is the tomato jam that is completely slathered all over the moist interior of the biscuit. I don’t mean to make that last sentence sound as sexually explicit as it did, but this biscuit is really sexy.

Niedlov’s – Cinnamon Roll/White Wheat Blueberry Muffin
There are two highlights for me to note from Niedlov’s on Main Street. When a huge breakfast just doesn’t seem necessary-most weekdays-the best options for quick, grab and go food are the pastries and muffins from Niedlov’s. I’m particularly fond of their homemade cinnamon roll. When paired with a cup of coffee this breakfast, though not the healthiest, is one of my guilty pleasures. As for blueberry muffin options in the city, Niedlov’s makes a hell of a white wheat blueberry muffin. It’s not huge and, again, not very healthy but the flavor is something I can only go about a week or two without craving. We also buy bread here for deli sandwiches at home.

Go Bagel-Salt Bagel w. Veggie Cream Cheese
A relatively new business, Go Bagel at 819 Chestnut St. specializes in traditional bagels and homemade cream cheeses. They have several breakfast sandwiches, but I’ve found that simpler is better. The salt bagel is just a bagel with a generous portion of salt. Served warm, I urge you to find a better bagel offering in our city. After going through several of their homemade cream cheeses-vanilla, honey, orange-I settled on the vegetarian because it just seems to enhance the flavor of the salt bagel. I know it’s weird. Trust me on this one. There’s something about this bagel and this type of cream cheese that makes sense as a breakfast. I could eat it every day. It should be noted that Go Bagel is also a place where you can acquire a traditional Lox (salmon) bagel.


Blue Plate-Breakfast Burrito
Ah, Blue Plate. This is one of the places that many of us never associate with breakfast but we absolutely should. In fact, Blue Plate has some of the heartiest, best tasting breakfast food in town. In particular, the Breakfast Burrito is something worth salivating over. It’s huge (completely worth the $9 price tag) with scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, mixed cheese, peppers, onions, cheese sauce, bacon and, last but not least, pico de gallo. The folks at Blue Plate know food and if you haven’t indulged their breakfast/brunch menu you really, really should.

Rembrant’s Coffee House-Fruit, Yogurt and Granola
Simple is sometimes best. One of my favorite weekend spots is a place where the food is tasty, the coffee warm and the seating plentiful. Rembrant’s Coffee House is my neighborhood coffee shop and we visit on weekends for a relaxing sit-down breakfast. But that doesn’t meant I gorge myself, which would be easy considering all of the chocolate desserts. My favorite meal is a large bowl of yogurt, granola and fruit. It’s nothing fancy. There’s a few slices of seasonal fruit (melon, strawberry, grapes etc.) and then dollops of yogurt with granola. That’s it. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be good. Of all the breakfast items mentioned in this article, I think I enjoy this easy, no frills dish the most.