I’ve been keeping a secret.

I know, it’s not nice to keep secrets. Please forgive me.

I’ve been doing a mini-makeover on my dining room.

If you follow my blog, you may not even recognize it because the last time you saw it was on my home tour.


It all started when I found this dresser at a yard sale for $10. Yep, the dresser was only $10.

My husband said it was only $10 because they didn’t want to carry it back inside their house. He may be right. This thing was so heavy. And I have lifted a lot of furniture in my time.

Let me back up for a second. You see, a few months back, I had seen this credenza. And I wanted it. Bad.

But I didn’t have any room for a credenza/buffet/sideboard (I grew up calling it a buffet), so I drooled and then tried to move on.

But when I saw the $10 dresser, I knew there was a buffet in my future. Come hell or high water.

So I had my electrician move my chandelier so I could scoot the dining room table over.

All in the name of a buffet.

And now back to the $10 dresser.

It didn’t look bad from afar, but upon further inspection, one could see that the paint job was horrendous. The previous owners had just painted right over the handles while still attached to the drawers, therefore causing runs in the paint and making my job harder.

But I persevered and after I had done enough sanding to my satisfaction (which really means that I gave up), I sprayed the entire thing down with primer in my paint sprayer.

After the primer dried, I painted the base and drawers navy, once more with my paint sprayer, and let it dry.

After the navy was good and dry, I took a can of metallic gold spray paint and sprayed the top edge and bottom lip of the buffet body, as well as the inside trim of drawers.

You are wondering why I went and messed up my beautiful navy paint job. Well, this was the easiest and most efficient way I could come up with to get this piece how I wanted it to look. I didn’t want to use a paintbrush to paint all those nooks and crannies with the gold, but there isn’t a good metallic paint I can use in my sprayer, so I stuck with the trusty gold spray paint.

After the spray paint dried, I got back out my blue paint and with a roller and brush touched up any places where the gold was that I didn’t want it to be.

You are thinking this took me forever.

I thought it would take forever as well.

We are both wrong. I figured out a trick.

To see the trick and full tutorial with photos on how I painted this piece, read the full post here.

I am loving the new ridiculous amount of extra storage in my dining room. It may or may not already be 75 percent full. OK, 90 percent.

The dining room wall has gotten a makeover since my home tour as well. I’ll be showing you how I made that tassel garland and the silhouettes soon, so be sure to follow along.

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