Chattanooga resident and recent Lee University graduate Hope Goodpasture is launching a small business that will bring cold-pressed juice to area consumers.

“Incorporating green juice into my health routine has been easy and beneficial,” she said via email. “I now have my entire family drinking their vegetables.”

Goodpasture’s business is called PAUSE for 5, and the name came through a moment of quiet reflection. After graduating, she was frustrated in her search for a full-time job. She paused for a moment before her morning run, and the name for her business came to her, she said via email.


Goodpasture first tried cold-pressed juice three years ago when she bought a three-day cleanse. She said she’s been hooked ever since.

“The cold-pressed process is unique in that it does not introduce heat or oxygen, which kills vital nutrients found in the whole food,” she said. “The result is a pulp-free juice that has over 1 pound of fresh produce per 12-ounce bottle. Research shows that the cold-pressed method yields three times the nutrition of other juicing methods.”

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Goodpasture uses ahydraulic press machine to make the juice. The method gently breaks down the produce and extracts the juice with limited heat and oxidation, she said.The cost is $6 for a 12-ounce bottle.

“It’s truly a handcrafted product,” she said.

PAUSE for 5 is working out of a kiosk located in Cambridge Square, a new mixed-use development in Ooltewah. Click here for a recent story about Cambridge Square.

“My vision for the business going forward is partnership,” she also said. “I want to partner with local farmers and businesses to provide the best quality of cold-pressed juice. I also want to educate the community on the health benefits of juicing.”