I am still sick over this desk.

No, nothing is wrong with it; in fact, it’s gorgeous. I’m sick over it because I let it go.

I have no idea where I would have put it. I just know that it was beautiful and I may never come across another like it again.


The only reason I got this desk to begin with is because I wanted the chair that came with it. And when a friend found the chair at a yard sale for me, the desk had to go with it.

I did keep the chair, though.

This desk had the most beautiful lines and was solid. It was just covered in some sort of sticky substance and a gross amount of cat hair. Eww.

The inlay on top was pretty gross, as well. There was no way to salvage the gold design there.

After a seriously deep scrubbing, I gave the entire piece a coat of primer with my paint sprayer.

Next, I pulled out the gold spray paint to define the top edge of the desk and add some interest. I just went right over the top edges with the spray paint. Once it was dry, I took plastic wrap and painters tape and wrapped up the top.

When the top was good and covered with plastic wrap, I loaded my paint sprayer back up with Onyx Black paint by Glidden. If you want a true black, this is your paint. Trust me, I have tried every black paint known to man, including one that made my porch spindles electric blue. I went over the desk base and all the drawers with the sprayer. Then, I pulled off the plastic wrap and hand brushed and rolled the inlay black for some added contrast against the gold. Finally, the whole thing got a coat of polycrylic.

The original hardware was too beautiful to switch out; it just needed a coat of gold spray paint.

The classic contrast of the black and gold turned out better than I ever could have expected. Head over to the blog to see the full makeover and more beauty shots of this little piece of heaven.

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