A local business owner may have created the best worst commercial in the history of television.

In the commercial, Mike Mixson, owner of Mike’s Golf Shop on Airpark Drive, can be seen yelling, “We buy golf clubs!” into a camera phone.

In just a week, the video has gone viral, appearing on MSN, Tosh.0 and other national shows, with more than 75,000 views on YouTube.


Locally, the commercial was first noticed by local media personality Brian Joyce as he was working at home last Thursday night.

Joyce, the host of “Live and Local” on Talk 102.3, recalls being completely mesmerized by the commercial.

“I was at my desk doing some work, and I just hear a guy shouting on TV,” he said. “I turn and it’s just a guy filming his own commercial on a flip-phone camera.”

Viral media gems are few and far between, and Joyce knew he had one with the Mike’s Golf Shop commercial.

“This is just the most awful, hilarious, most awesome commercial I’ve ever seen,” Joyce said.

The following day, Joyce started his radio show with the audio, and people started calling in and sharing the commercial after he posted it to his Facebook page.

Joyce also sent the clip to his friend, a writer for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

And then he forgot about it.

It wasn’t until Mixson contacted him that he knew how viral the video had become.

“He came up to me at the station and said, ‘I really appreciate what you’ve done for me,'” Joyce said. “It was crazy. I said to him that I would never take full credit for something like this, but the video did only have 27 views before I shared it.”

Joyce said he knows potentially viral content when he sees it.

“I guess that is the difference between viral media and traditional media,” he said. “It’s not like it’s newsworthy, but if you understand comedy and understand viral media, this is going to have a million views.”

Updated @ 1:38 p.m. on 11/20/13 to correct a typographical error.