A prominent activist in the debate over domestic partnership benefits received an incendiary, anonymous letter that insults her and her wife this week.

Kat Cooper, a detective for the city of Collegedale, received the handwritten letter at her office Tuesday while she was out of town. It came in a white envelope that was taped shut, she said.

“You 2 are not wanted by voters here. It is a embasement [sic] to us,” the sender, signed simply “Collegedale Voter,” wrote. “You 2 should hang your heads and close the closet door and hide.”


Cooper posted an image of the letter on her Facebook page that was later posted on Reddit.

“I’ve received a few of these types of letters, but many have been positive,” she said of the feedback she’s received since Collegedale first began debating domestic partnership benefits.

She chose not to make many of those public, but in this case, “The public needs to know what kind of ignorance and fear exists around this issue.

“It’s unfortunate that this type of hate is harbored,” she said.