Sen. Lamar Alexander’s re-election campaign released a new television ad Monday.

It hits the bullet points of the two-term senator’s résumé. It mentions his storied walk across Tennessee, as well as his courtship of auto manufacturers. Though the one-minute spot hits a few conservative talking points at the top, the bulk of the ad seems aimed more at the general electorate than primary voters.


Alexander campaign ad: “Standing Up for Tennessee”

“We really don’t acknowledge or view any opposition at this point,” said Tom Ingram, campaign strategist.

Several candidates have announced they will run, but none of them have officially qualified, he said.

“We’re concerned about staying strong and winning strong, regardless of who our opposition is in the primary or the general,” he said.

Ingram declined to say how much the statewide ad campaign cost.

State Rep. Joe Carr, a conservative Republican, announced last year he plans to challenge Alexander in a primary. And Knoxville attorney Terry Adams, a Democrat, announced his campaign in November.

Carr continued to question Alexander’s conservative bona fides Friday after the ad was announced.

“But no amount of money or slick TV ads can disguise the fact that Lamar is a career politician with a record of selling out Tennessee conservatives,” Carr said in a prepared statement.

The qualifying deadline is April 3. The GOP primary election is Aug. 7.