Corky Coker, CEO and owner of Chattanooga’s Coker Tire, will be featured on a new Travel Channel show called “Backroad Gold.”

The show debuts on the Travel Channel tonight at 9:30 p.m.

According to a blog post by Coker Tire, the show follows Coker and his son-in-law, Greg Cunningham, as they seek out hidden classic cars, motorcycles and “automobilia” throughout the Southeast.


Cunningham, manager of Honest Charley Garage Shop, will help restore the vehicles.

Click hereto view some of the fully restored barn finds.

Coker’s daughter, Casey, and his father, Harold, will also be featured in the show. Hal “Fireball” Everett, head wrench man at Honest Charley Garage Shop, will also share the spotlight.

According to a blog post by Kurt Ernst at Hemmings Daily, the show will be similar to “American Pickers.” He writes:

Traveling the side streets, alleyways and dirt roads of America with his son-in-law, Greg Cunningham, Coker will try to unearth “rusty gold,” cars and motorcycles that can be acquired reasonably, then restored and flipped for a profit by his Honest Charley Garage.

The first season features eight episodes and will air every Wednesday night on the Travel Channel.