The Krispy Kreme Doughnuts location on Brainerd Road will be closed for at least two months for major remodeling.

“The retail area is going to be much nicer and much bigger,” manager Michael Davenport said.

The changes also include adding a new doughnut line, which means the “hot light” will be on 24/7, he also said.

The hot light is a sign outside Krispy Kreme locations that notifies the public that fresh, hot doughnuts are ready.


The Chattanooga area won’t be without Krispy Kremes.Davenport said that grocery stores and gas stations will still have doughnuts, which will be shipped in from Atlanta.

He also said that a Knoxville store recently went through the same remodeling, so Chattanooga sent doughnuts to that area.

“We help each other out,” he said.

The remodeling will also include the addition of restrooms and possible improvements to the outside of the building.

Click herefor information about the Hot Light app, which tells customers where the nearest location is for fresh Krispy Kremes.