The April 21 hearing to determine whether there will be another union election at Volkswagen will take place in Chattanooga, officials said Wednesday.

Last month, Volkswagen employees voted in a secret ballot election against United Auto Workers Union representation with a 712-626 vote.

The UAW appealed that decision, which is the issue that will be taken up April 21.

Before last month’s election, there had been years of quiet work from the UAW to organize the plant, and many saw the vote as a referendum on the labor movement.


Since the vote and subsequent UAW appeal, there have been several other moves from both sides in an effort to get their voices heard.

On April 21, officials with the NLRB will hear information from all parties-Volkswagen officials, UAW leaders and workers who have formed a group called Southern Momentum to oppose the union.

The hearing is scheduled to take place on the fourth floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse at 9 a.m.