Leaders of Goodwill Chattanooga are adding an outlet store to the warehouse on Dodds Avenue.

“Hopefully, that’s going to open sometime in April,”Tom McCrory, vice president of retail services, said. “We are going to be small to start with and just try out the concept. If that works, we can enlarge it later.”

The outlet store, which will be located at3321 Dodds Ave.,is different from other Goodwill stores because people purchase items such as clothing, linens and other textiles by the pound. There may also be items that are individually priced,McCrory also said.

The new outlet will bring a few new jobs to the area, too.


Some employees there will build birdhouses, which are sold at area businesses, such as Ace Hardware.

The upstairs area of the outlet will be a place where Goodwill employees will get education and job training.

The items at the outlet store will be items that haven’t sold well in other stores but that still might be worthwhile to someone,McCrory said.

Right now, before the outlet store opens, the only thing to do with items that don’t move off shelves is to sell them to salvage companies.

“But these are good items, and we want to give it one more shot at trying to sell,”McCrory said.