Dear Commander Jeffrey Schoep and Members of the National Socialist Movement:

I noticed that the Hamilton County Commission approved your request to hold a rally here on the county courthouse lawn on April 26. As you can imagine, the city is abuzz with anticipation. People have been talking about you guys on talk radio and on social media. Some folks want to beat you guys up. Some are trying to come up with funny counter-protests. Others think we should just ignore you.

You know, it’s a shame that you’re only coming to town to spew foolishness for 90 minutes and then leave. This is a great city. If you weren’t going to be so busy shouting about how the Jews need to leave this country or why black folks need to go back to Africa, you’d find a lot of great things to do during your stay.

Do you like the outdoors? Well, you’d love it here. We also have some great museums, a thriving arts scene, and tons of great attractions for the kids. And it seems like yet another great restaurant opens up here every day. What do Nazis like to eat? I know you like to think of yourselves as defenders of the white race, but what about white rice? Do you like Chinese food? What about tacos? You like tacos, right? We have some great Mexican places here. (Sorry, I don’t know how this whole hate-based separatist thing works. Are you supposed to hate the food, too?)


Speaking of Mexico, I understand that you are coming to Chattanooga to protest against illegal immigration. You claim that illegal immigrants aren’t coming here seeking a better life but, rather, to steal our heritage. While I don’t quite buy your assertion, I can see how you might be frustrated. If I felt like my country was being invaded, I would be angry, too. I’m sure the Native Americans felt the same way when we invaded them. Or the people of Poland when your “beloved Holy Father,” Adolf Hitler, invaded them. Or the folks in Denmark. Or Norway. Or Luxembourg. Or Belgium. Or Holland. Or France. Or Yugoslavia. Or Greece. Or the Soviet Union. Or Italy.

Yes, it’s horrible to feel invaded. It’s horrible to have your rights violated. It’s horrible to have your family torn apart. It’s horrible to be thrown onto cattle cars and sent off to your death in some faraway camp. Oh, wait. I forgot. You don’t believe the Holocaust actually happened. Yeah, I saw that on your website. I saw a lot of stuff on your website. I wish I could unsee it. While I will gladly defend your right to free speech, I will never stop being sickened by what you choose to do with that right.Mostly, though, I just feel sad.

My life has been blessed by the opportunity to interact with people from various cultures-people who were all created in the image of God and who are all worthy of being treated with common decency and respect.

But you don’t agree with that. You don’t “buy in to the big lie that all people and races are equal and the same.” You claim the white race is the most advanced and progress-producing race on the planet, and that the “Aryan Spark has driven the White Race to explore and to always want to know what’s on the other side of the mountain.”

Well, when you get over the mountain and into the Tennessee Valley in a couple of weeks, I hope you’ll find nobody there to listen to your nonsense.

Please stay home.

Thank you.


Bill Colrus

Former Chattanooga Pulse editor Bill Colrus writes about (in no particular order) news, culture and media. You can find him onFacebook, follow him onTwitteror reach him at[email protected]. The opinions expressed in this column belong solely to the author, notNooga.comor its employees.