This week, owner of Famous Nater’s Nathan Flynt will team up with other businesses to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

“They think it can be cured, and we are trying to help with that as much as we can,” Flynt said.

This week, he’s parking at businesses such as Craftworks and Sophie’s, and he’s donating a portion of his sales to Kenneth King’s Believers, which is a local group that raises money for theCystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The local organizers of the group, the Birnbaum family, are friends of Flynt’s. The local couple’s child hascystic fibrosis, which is a life-threatening chronic lung condition.


On Thursday, he will be bringing his truck to Warehouse Row and partnering withShadowboxPaperieto raise money. A portion of proceeds from sales at both businesses will go to the group, Flynt said.

On Wednesday, he will be at the Sigma Chi House at UTC raising money, but the big push is Thursday at Warehouse Row, he said.

“Obviously, I’m not a doctor,” Flynt said. “But I can make a delicious sandwich, and hopefully, that is enough to help a little bit.”