Chattanooga-based indie rockers SharkWeek released a new four-song EP today called “Haunted Summer.”

The EP can be purchased via iTunes or Amazon. It can also be streamed on Spotify.

The band also released a live music video for their song “Highway,” recorded in the woods of Lookout Mountain.


Composed of four members, SharkWeek is Kip Smith on lead vocals, Nate Smith, Adam Swafford and Bijan Dhanani.

Dhanani, the lead guitarist for the group, said the latest release is only a teaser for a lot more to come from SharkWeek in the future.

“We have so much more material that is a lot newer, but we’ve been kind of lagging behind in releasing it,” he said. “We’re putting out these EPs to kind of catch up. I think we have 26 or 27 original songs, and we’ve only released some of it.”

The song “Highway” featured in the music video above was culled from the newer material. It was recorded on a farm called Longbranchon the backside of Lookout Mountain.

Dhanani said fans can expect regular EP releases in the coming months as soon as they’re recorded and uploaded.

“What we’re putting out is just very honest and natural,” he said. “The style of music we play and Kip’s style as a frontman-it just has a lot of pop appeal. And that wasn’t by any sort of design. The songs that he writes are easily enjoyed by a lot of people, the words are easy on the ear, and the lyrics are something everybody can relate to.”

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