Local entrepreneurs, creatives and businesspeople came together in March at The Company Lab’s 48-Hour Launch, which is one avenue that helps local entrepreneurs create startup companies. (Photo: Contributed)

Organizers are calling for event proposals for this fall’s Startup Week Chattanooga, which is a five-day showcase of the city’s entrepreneurial environment. 

“This is an opportunity to celebrate the entrepreneurial community,” Meghan O’Dea with venture incubator Lamp Post Group said last week at a panel discussion about Startup Week. “And there’s definitely a component of advertising to other businesses and showing them why they should come here and be a part of our ecosystem.” 

Planning is in its initial stages for the Oct. 6-11 showcase, which is similar to events held in other cities such as Denver and San Diego.

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For more information on Startup Week or the August information session, click here or contact Meghan O’Dea at meghan.o’[email protected] or Tia Capps at [email protected].

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Organizers have created three tracks-tech, social and creative-that will be highlighted and are inviting local startups to submit ideas for the types of activities they would like to see during Startup Week. 

Panel discussions, presentations from individuals and mixers are examples of the types of events organizers are seeking. 

Sponsors already committed to participating in Startup Week are the Benwood Foundation, Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough, Lamp Post Group, Causeway and The Company Lab. 

“Cultivating a vibrant startup scene and stronger culture of innovation is a priority for our community,” Tia Capps, communications director for The Company Lab, said in a prepared statement. “The multiday collaborative celebration will provide an opportunity for members of the startup community to exchange ideas and teach.”

And O’Dea said there is the potential for startup leaders to partner with each other or other downtown property owners. 

Company leaders who have extra space could partner with those who don’t have as much room to host events.

Or local real estate officials who think their space has the potential to be home to a startup could host events, she said. 

Startup Week organizers are hosting an information session at Lamp Post Group Aug. 21 at 5:30 p.m. for people interested in participating.

Individuals and companies can learn more about hosting events, pairing with downtown property owners for venue space and sponsorship opportunities.

At last week’s panel discussion about Startup Week, Alex Lavidge, business development manager for Variable Inc., said that Chattanooga leaders excel in gathering and collaborating. 

“The only thing moving faster than the Internet in Chattanooga is the rate at which people come together to share ideas and ask the questions, ‘What can we be doing better?’ and ‘How can we make it happen?'” he said.

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