Safe Haven Storm Sheltersrecently added new services, such as financing options and customized colors, and has a revamped website. Now, owners are looking toward market expansion and possible product additions.

“We are expanding into multiple states,” co-owner John Kelly said. “We are getting ready to expand into North Carolina and South Carolina.”

Kelly and his friends/business partnersScott and Brent Goulartdistribute customized, aboveground safe rooms to protect people during tornadoes and hurricanes.


Most people don’t think about buying a storm shelter until bad weather comes, Kelly said.

“It’s like when the roof is leaking-you don’t think to fix it until it’s raining and water is coming in,” he said.

Thunderstorms are in the forecast for this week, and Kelly said it’s a good time to remind people about his company’s products.

Kelly said that most people assume that being underground is the best way to ride out a tornado, but there are potential problems with that idea, such asflooding or being trapped underground below debris.

His company’s steel storm shelters are anchored down with more anchors than required by federal regulations, Kelly said.

“We are going above and beyond everything FEMA requires,” he said.

And they come with eithera swing door or sliding door. Kelly said the sliding door is unique for storm shelters.

In addition to selling the storm shelters, theSave Haven Storm Shelters team aims to educate people about the dangers of storms.

For example, some people don’t realize how much damage is done by debris, not wind from tornadoes, Kelly said.

The shelters costabout $6,300, and that includes taxes, delivery and installation.

Anyone who wants to see the products can see them at Northgate Mall. The demo is in the middle of the mall, near Vitamin World and Kay Jewelers.

They can also contact Kelly at 423-320-5867to make an appointment or for more information.

Click herefor the company’s website, which has more information, andherefor the Facebook page, which the team updates often.