About a year ago, a group of seven women leaders announced a new venture capital fund that will support female entrepreneurs. Now, they’ve announced their first investments. (Photo: Staff)

Women’s angel fundThe JumpFundrecently invested in five female-led ventures.

Managing partner Kristina Montague; general partners Cory Allison, Betsy Blunt Brown, Shelley Prevost, Leonora Williamson, Stefanie Crowe, Tiffanie Robinson; and their 43 limited partners have created the angel fund to invest in 10 to 12 early-stage companies.

The team has now invested in five projects, two of which are in Chattanooga.


More than $500,000 in equityinvestments has been made to date by The JumpFund, which had raised $2.5million from women angel investors as of June.

Each of the companies below is women-led.ForThe JumpFundleaders, “women-led” means that there is a woman in one of the“C-suite”positions-CEO, CFO or CTO, for example. Those letters stand for chief executive officer, chief financial officer and chief technology officer, respectively.

The JumpFund’s portfolio now includes:

SuperFanU is a mobile sports fan engagement platform.

Feetz Inc.isa 3-D printed shoe company that targets thehard-to-fit feet market.

-International Coffee Group is launching Demours, a high-end, luxury brand coffee targetingonline connoisseurs and upscale restaurants.

Rooibee Red Teais an original full line of bottled rooibos tea.

eDivvis a marketplace where users trade beauty sample products.

The JumpFund’s vision is to establish Chattanooga and the Southeast as the nation’s best places for awoman to invest in or start a business, according to a news release.

“We have been overwhelmed with substantial deal flow of exceptional, high-growth,women-led companies since opening our doors last June,” Montague said in a prepared statement. “The demand for new avenues for capital fromwomen-led companies is evident and even more than we had imagined.”