Temperatures in Chattanooga have been cold lately, and a group called Relevant Hope has been helping the homeless population stay warm. The organization is raising money through Causeway to expand its reach.

n n Relevant Hope Executive Director Jimmy Turner demonstrates how the sleeping bag/coat works. (Photo: Staff)n n

Relevant Hope was founded in 2013, and its mission is to provide on-site services to people without homes.And Causeway is an online platform that connects budding civic entrepreneurs with community members who have resources to help them.

Recently, Relevant Hope got a grant from theUNFoundation, which provides mini-grants to worthy causes.


Relevant Hope used its grant to buy sleeping bags that double as coats, and Executive Director Jimmy Turner has been delivering the sleeping bags/coats to area homeless camps.

The sleeping bags/coats are made by a Detroit group calledEmpowerment Plan.

The UNFoundation’s $1,500 grant paid for about 15 coats, and Empowerment Plan included five extra sleeping bags/coats for free.

Now, Relevant Hope is working to raise $20,000 via Causeway to purchase more sleeping bags/coats.

Click here for more information about the fundraising part. So far, the project has raised $410.

For every $100 raised, Relevant Hope can provide one coat/sleeping bag.

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