Temperatures in Chattanooga have been cold lately, and a group called Relevant Hope has been helping the homeless population stay warm. The organization is raising money through Causeway to expand its reach.

Relevant Hope was founded in 2013, and its mission is to provide on-site services to people without homes.And Causeway is an online platform that connects budding civic entrepreneurs with community members who have resources to help them.

Recently, Relevant Hope got a grant from theUNFoundation, which provides mini-grants to worthy causes.


Relevant Hope used its grant to buy sleeping bags that double as coats, and Executive Director Jimmy Turner has been delivering the sleeping bags/coats to area homeless camps.

The sleeping bags/coats are made by a Detroit group calledEmpowerment Plan.

The UNFoundation’s $1,500 grant paid for about 15 coats, and Empowerment Plan included five extra sleeping bags/coats for free.

Now, Relevant Hope is working to raise $20,000 via Causeway to purchase more sleeping bags/coats.

Click here for more information about the fundraising part. So far, the project has raised $410.

For every $100 raised, Relevant Hope can provide one coat/sleeping bag.

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