The time has arrived to say goodbye (for now) to the Delta Queen.

The historic vessel will get a send-off fit for a queen today. At 2:30 p.m., guests will ride the Southern Belle alongside the Delta Queen as it begins its journey to a new life (and renovations) in New Orleans.

According to a release form the Delta Queen Steamboat Co., the vessel will travel to New Orleans to undergo a full renovation before navigating the waterways again in 2016. Apparently, several cities are already interested in becoming the new “home port” for the Delta Queen, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana; St. Louis, Missouri; New Orleans; and Cincinnati.

Officials with the company also indicated that the Delta Queen will return to Chattanooga during the 2016 circulations.

Advertisement took a final walk through the Delta Queen Friday morning. The vessel has been dormant since it was docked in Chattanooga six years ago as a floating hotel and tourist attraction.

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The current condition of the boat can be assessed in some of the photographs below. We offer the photos without captions.

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