Warehouse Row’s Brash Coffee has been open for about a year now; business has been good, additions are coming, and the shop had two famous visitors this weekend.

Actors Jon Hamm andZach Galifianakis stopped by the business Sunday on their way to Atlanta, where they are filming a movie, Brash ownerMatt Ludwikowski said. According to news reports, the duo was also at Bonnaroo over the weekend.

Ludwikowski said that third-wave coffee-which is a movement focused on purchasing coffee based on its quality, origin and artisan production methods-is becoming more popular, especially in bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles.

And when actors, musicians and comedians travel to different parts of the country, they seem to be seeking out those products, he said.


“It’s good to be on that radar,” he said.

Brash sources beans grownat about 20 farms in four countries, such as El Salvador, according to Nooga.com archives.

Ludwikowski has been toEl Salvador countless times, and takes pride in the source and quality of his product. It’s important to him to find the highest-quality coffees.Click hereand here to read more about it.

Brash business update
Brash has an Atlanta store that’s set to open soon, but the Chattanooga location was the first. Ludwikowski has learned a lot in the first year open, he said.

“Probably the best thing that’s happened is that we have fallen in love with Chattanooga, and I think, for the most part, Chattanooga has fallen in love with us,” he said.

The store has a good number of regulars, andLudwikowski and his employees have spent time getting to know their customer base and working to adapt for them, he said.

So far, the business gets more customers in the afternoon than morning. But in the morning, Brash has a $2 commuter offer.

“We would love to see more people come in the mornings,”Ludwikowski said.

The shop has pastries made by a new local bakery called Revel Pastry Co.

There may be a misconception that there isn’t parking at Warehouse Row, but there is a parking garage where Brash visitors can park for three hours for free, he said. Brash will validate a ticket for customers. There is also a parking lot near Tupelo Honey Café, which is free for two hours. And before 8 a.m., meters on the street are free.

To help satisfy the afternoon crowd, Ludwikowski is thinking about adding lunch options at Brash, he also said. He wants to work with local businesses to provide homemade sandwich options.

And Brash is also adding teas and hot chocolate options to the menu for non-coffee drinkers, he said.

“We want to be able to give people other options,” he said.

Warehouse Row has recently attracted new businesses Anthropologie, J. Crew and Two Ten Jack. In the past, there has been a perception that stores come and go frequently in Warehouse Row, which has been a challenge, he said.

“Maybe we expect it to be something new next year,” he said. “But we’ve got a core group of people planning on staying here a long time.”