Time.com published a list of 25 towns that have a wide variety of retirement opportunities but do minimal damage to nest eggs-and the writers recognized Chattanooga.

The list highlights cities and the amenities in each area that are attractive to retirees. For example, outdoors and arts-driven cities are highlighted.

Chattanooga is listed as No. 10 on the list and is named as runner-up in the arts category. Click here for the full list.


The part about Chattanooga mentions its location on the Tennessee River and proximity tothe Appalachian Mountains. It also notes theRiverbendFestival,theHunter Museumof American Art and the Tivoli Theatre.Clickherefor recent news about theTivoli Theatre.

“The median home price is $128,000 and there is no state income tax,” according to the article.

In recent years, other publications have highlighted the Scenic City as an ideal place to retire. Click here to read more.

Updated @ 12:55 p.m. on 6/18/15.