I almost walked away from this lamp when I first spotted it at The Insyde Outsyde Shop. I thought it was almost too easy. But aren’t easy makeovers the best?

So I scooped the $10 lamp up, ran to Target for a new lampshade, scooted on home and had the lamp completely revamped by the end of the day. I’m calling it the basket lamp for obvious reasons.

Like I said, this makeover was really simple.


First, I set up my spray shelter-it’s great for containing overspray when you are going to use spray paint or a paint sprayer.

Then, I tossed the lamp’s old shade in the trash.

I used a color called Exotic in my paint sprayer and completely had the lamp covered with two coats of paint and one coat of gloss topcoat in about two hours.

You could always use spray paint if you wanted to; I just didn’t have a spray paint color on hand that I liked for the lamp.

Make sure to tape over any parts you don’t want paint on when spray painting a lamp, such as the cord, the socket or any trim that you want to keep as is.

Thelampshadewas on clearance at Target for $15. I love the simple black trim around it.

I may or may not have bought two, the other of which I used for anotherlamp makeover you might have seen here.

I’m digging the pretty in pink basket lamp-you?

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If you aren’t familiar with using a paint sprayer, be sure to read this beginner’s guide to using a paint sprayer. It’s easier than you think!

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