Longtime WGOW personality Bryan Stone debuted his new show StoneOnAir on Sunday, featuring live music from Danimal Planet.

Stone said the show, though music-heavy, will focus on all forms of entertainment and art. It airs Sunday nights live on WGOW-FM, and each episode will also be made available on other platforms.

“It’s really just a show to sit around, talk, play music and have fun,” Stone said. “It’s really not more complicated than that.”


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Adam Brown and Dan Pinson of Chattanooga’s Danimal Planet performed on the first broadcast. That episode can be viewed in the video above and heard via Soundcloud.

During the first minutes of the broadcast, Stone told listeners the concept the show has been in the back of his mind for 15 years. But only in the last five months has it become a reality.

“It was pretty much already done in my head as far as what I was going to do,” he said. “It really is an experiment though. I wasn’t sure what Sunday was going to be until it was done, and I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.”

Stone pitched the concept of the show at The Company Lab’s “Will This Float” competition and was met with a positive reception. He recruited videographer Nathan Gayle as his co-host and brought on Tara Viland, manager of Granfalloon, to help with booking acts and planning the show.

Gayle used multiple cameras to record the live broadcast and was able to edit the video in a single day.

Stone said that other musical guests have already been booked through February, but bands are more than welcome to reach outif they’d like to be part of the programming.

The next step will be to find some sort of financial backing, a goal he has set to achieve by April. Stone said he wants to gauge audience reactions first.

“I’m not actively looking for funding yet, but I have talked to several different people who have shown interest,” he said. “I want to get at least a month worth of shows finished . where I have something that I can try to sell. That’ll be a challenge.”

But Stone said he would never use the show as a mouthpiece for products or services.

“I need sponsorship, but I don’t ever want it to turn it into an infomercial. That’s not at all what I’m trying to do. We are a deliberate, content-driven show that needs sponsorship.”

A schedule of upcoming shows can be viewed here. This Sunday’s program will featureKindora Camp and Rock Floyd.

Updated @ 2:34 p.m. on 1/12/16.