I tend to be a sucker for the details of a piece of furniture. Nevermind whether I actually need it or not, if it has gorgeous details that I can’t take my eyes off of, there’s a good chance it’s coming home with me.

That was just the case with this bookshelf. When I bought it nearly a year ago, I had no need for it whatsoever, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the details on the doors. The bookshelf also just happened to be a good price, so it ended up coming home with me.

Here’s how I turned it from a boring blue to a bold and sunny yellow.

Supplies and tools needed


Step one
Before painting anything, I cleaned the bookshelf really well and followed up with a tack cloth.

Step two
This bookshelf had laminate in some places. To make sure my paint stuck to those spots well, I gave the entire bookshelf a coat of Kilz primer before painting the piece yellow. I applied the primer with my paint sprayer, being sure to strain the paint before putting it in the paint sprayer container. I also thinned the paint as needed with water. (If you’ve never used a paint sprayer before, there’s a complete how-to here.) Clean out your paint sprayer afterward.

Step three
After letting the primer dry, load the sprayer up with your choice of paint color. Once more, remember to strain and thin the paint. Step back and spray the paint onto your furniture. I did two coats of yellow.

Step four
After your piece is dry, I suggest following up with a topcoat to help protect the finish. I used a semi-gloss polycrylic, which actually doesn’t have to be thinned, but should be strained before putting it into your paint sprayer. I did one coat of the topcoat.

I loved the hardware that came with this piece as well, but it needed a good cleaning. I used Bar Keepers Friend to make it look new again.

It turns out that this bookshelf is going to fit in perfectly at our new house, which we callthe ’70s landing pad, in my daughter’s room.

What do you think of the yellow? Is it too bold for you? You can see more how-to images of this project here.

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