Beginning in June, potential tenants can tour the Tomorrow Building, which will offerco-living space designed tobring creative people together.

Co-living is a new trend commonly found in big cities that brings tenants togetherwith the intent to create a more engaging, innovative and creativeenvironment.

Lamp Post Group, the company that owns the Tomorrow Building, islooking to lease the apartments to entrepreneurs, creatives orcivic-minded people, but welcomes anyone who is interested in this kind of livingenvironment.


“What we believe is that we’ll find success if we’re able to bring a diversecommunity to the building,” engagement manager Stephanie Hays said.

The building, which is located at 818 Georgia Ave.,has three residential floors that consist of 39 apartments. Eachapartment comes fully furnished and ranges in size from 284 square feet and420 square feet, and features a living space, bedroom and kitchenette.

A communalliving room and two communal kitchens and dining rooms also exist for tenants, aswell as a collaborative workspace on the first residential floor.

The small apartment spaces and large communal spaces are designed to bringtogether the people in the community.

“Hopefully, [collaboration] will grow organically out of the community,” Hays said. “Thepeople that live there will have an idea and want to do something, and then alreadythey have 38 inspiring neighbors that they can call.”

Renovations on the building will be finished in October. Apartment rent pricesbegin at $895 a month.

The total cost of the renovations is about $8 million.

For more information on the Tomorrow Building, clickhere.

Other Lamp Post Properties buildings
Lamp Post Group owns five other properties: the second floor of the Loveman’s Building, One Central Plaza, Cooper’s Office Supply,the Mayfield Annex and the Newton Chevrolet Building. Only two properties, theLoveman’s Building and One Central Plaza, are completed.

Lamp Post Group is gutting Cooper’s Office Supply to rebuild the interiorof the buildings. The buildings will also be combined into a single building with anadditional floor.Lamp Post Group plans to fill this space with startupcompanies and place a restaurant on the first and basement floors of the building.

The exterior of the building will remain the same. Renovations will be finished inAugust 2017.

The Mayfield Annex will soon be home to VaynerMedia, asocial media-first digital agency. The building’s renovations will befinished in March.

One of Lamp Post Group’s portfolio companies will be moving into the NewtonChevrolet Building, but leaders aren’t ready to say which company. Thebuilding will open in January.

The renovations on these properties are costing Lamp Post Group about $20 million.

“Our current focus right now is the Innovation District and really building a campusfor startups,” Lamp Post Properties President Tiffanie Robinson said. “So if you lookon a map and see all the buildings that we buy, they’re very close together. That’sthe purpose behind that.”‘s parent company is Lamp Post Group, but editorial decisions for this publication are made independently of Lamp Post Group.

Alina Hunter-Grah is a contributing writer. She is also currently attending UTC, where she is the news editor for the school newspaper, The University Echo. Alina is also the Chattanooga correspondent for 2nd & Church, a literary magazine based out of Nashville.